Importance of Positive Student-Teacher Relationships There has been many resources proving how student-teacher relationships and the ways teachers teach affect the students in their classroom personally and academically. Amy Boyes article “Strong Connections: Building Positive Teacher-Student Relationships Based on Personality Types, Learning Styles, Methods Of Communication And Contrasting Perspectives” She writes about how important it … More

When I was in high school, I struggled to figure out why I was never as good at understanding what is being taught like the other students. I was a very timid and shy person back then as well I hated approaching my teachers because they seemed like they were just there because it’s their … More

Class Questions

ECS 100 1st class- Do you think the way schools are have an affect on how the students learn? I hear by making school feel like a “prison” it helps behavioural issues. Not saying I believe this statement. 2nd class- In the one-room school how many student were allowed in? Did having everyone in that … More Class Questions

ECS 210 Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice

Kumashiro tells us that common sense does not tell us what schools could be doing but rather it tells us what school should be doing. She explains what she means by ‘should’ we often feel the social pressure to confirm this fact. Kumashiro states “its just common sense that teachers teach those things and that students do … More ECS 210 Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice