Challenges of Social Change

Three things I learned:

  1. I learned that I could talk all I want about what I think a classroom should be like or how the students should be taught. However, it’s different when you are trying to put it into practice and is harder than it may seem.
  2. I learned that it is critical to building relationships with the right people, the people you can trust, have faith with, as well as hope. Without having those type of people, one may stress and feel alone. As an emerging teacher, you will need to build relationships with people who will be there and help guide you through the process. The support and guidance will hopefully lighten a load of stress.
  3. Another thing I learned is that I may need to give up control and let the children explore. This will be hard for me because I am a person where I have to plan my day and if something changes or I don’t have enough time to do something I tend to stress. By letting go, it will teach my students to use inquiry-based learning and learn to be on their own. By being on their own, I mean learning to create discussions and such without much of my guidance.

Two connections:

  1. I connected with Gregory Michie’s approach on how a classroom should look or be like. I have always thought that classrooms spaces should be active and the students should be able to express themselves in creative ways. I also believe that students should be able to find connections between what they are taught in school and their lives outside of school. I think without connections to how the world works than the students tend to lose interest and think “why are we learning this if it’s not going to be used.” If we help them to understand better connections between the work and the world they may see why it’s essential.
  2. Interesting to realize how much students can learn from just reading the bulletin boards and posters put up around the classroom. Thinking back to when I was in high school and elementary I remember always reading what was on the walls. I loved the interesting facts posted or a visual representation of what we are learning in the class.

One question:

  1. If there is a conflict between my beliefs on my teaching philosophy and colleagues how do I go about this?

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