Inquiry-Based Learning


Inquiry-based learning is key I find when it comes to environmental education. Today our ESCI class had the honor of having Dean Elliot, Ministry of Education come to our class and talk about inquiry-based learning. He is an amazing speaker and helps you to understand what inquiry-based learning actually is. At the beginning of the class we wrote our background knowledge on the board as to what we think it is. Inquiry-based learning is more than asking a student what they want to learn or know. It is about triggering curiosity so they want to learn what is being taught and are excited to find out more. Dean had us go onto the curriculum and find an outcome and write a question that will get the students excited about the topic. In the class we were in groups and made up questions then asked the rest of the class what they thought about our questions and if they thought the kids would be engaged. The process of writing a question that may be engaging to children was harder than I thought it was going to be. However, it was nice to try it out in the class and was very fun. It may also be a good idea I learned that you have the students come up with their own questions that they want to answer and are excited to find that answer. As well when having you students do assignments or projects have them write a reflection as to what worked and what didn’t during their creative process. This way the students can reflect on HOW they learned it and not just WHAT they learned. By doing this they have the opportunity to reflect as to the process of what they did.


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