Educational Technology, Why Should We Care?

My name is Mackenzie Lautamus, I am a third year education student in the prek-5 program. Yorkton is where my family is I have a fiancé, a son, and another on the way (non-biological child). My experiences with educational technology have been positive. When I was younger and attended elementary school technology started to advance I believe. Throughout my school years I couldpi see technology being used more and more for educational purposes. My first year of University I was observing and helping a grade one class and the teacher used and app on her tablet (it was a private group, so only parents would see the posts) to record attendance, post pictures of what the class is doing, as well as she was able to give the students points for good behaviour and take away point for negative behaviour. I feel blogging is a great way to communicate with students’ parents on how there child is doing at school. Blogging allows society to understand what is going on in and out of the classroom.

Here is a link to my Twitter account follow me @m_lautamus



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