“Love your body and teach your mind to Respect it”


Today, I have gone onto Pinterest and found a great article that shows me how to do five essential Yin Yoga Poses for stress relief. The article teaches you how to go into a Pigeon Pose, Child’s Pose, Seated Spinal Twist, Wide-Leg Standing Foward fold, and the Supin Butterfly Pose. The article also explains how long to hold the poses for!! It took me a half hour to complete, and after I was finished I felt so refreshed! As well I had no idea how much Yoga can make you break a sweat. My favorite position would be the Child’s Pose, as I was in position I could feel the stretch in my back; When I took a deep breath in and out I could feel my body relaxing with me. I have never felt such a great feeling, as well I have never felt more relaxed!

Here are some photos of the different positions I have learned:


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