About Me

I was born in Yorkton Saskatchewan, May 5th, 1998, and move to and from Yorkton around thirteen times but I consider Yorkton to be my only home. I have a mom and dad along with two siblings, one older sister, and one younger brother. I have always been very caring and compassionate towards others and love to spend time with my family. Ever since I was little, I always dreamed of becoming a teacher and would always tell my parents how excited I was to become one. I joined a lot of workshops in elementary school because I love to volunteer and help others. I also volunteered to be the Sunday school teacher in my church because I love to work with kids. I’m a very helpful person and am always willing to help others.

I think the time I knew that I want to be a teacher and teach for the rest of my life was when I first stepped into a grade one classroom for my field experience. Stepping into the room and helping the teacher out and getting to know those kids it gave me such an incredible, indescribable feeling. When around kids I feel warm and happy, and I enjoy teaching and watching kids get excited when they begin to understand what they learned. Becoming a teacher is defiantly my biggest dream, and through this E-portfolio, you can follow my journey and watch my dream come true.