Can You Find Out Everything About Me?

So, this week we will talk about cybersleuthing!!

What is cybersluething you may ask? Well, according to the dictionary “A person who searches the Internet for information about a company, both positive and negative, to keep abreast of public opinion. All Internet facilities are used, including the Web, newsgroups and chat rooms.” However, you can also cyberslueth to find out information about people!! Scary eh? For this project, I decided to cyberslueth one of my old teachers and wow did I find out a lot about him! I found out his first name, age, where he went to school for university, some information about his family, and more… I felt very creepy so I decided to STOP.

It is really frightening that everything you put online stays ONLINE. An example would be on the news where a teacher had lost her job due to her student finding a provocative photo of her online. The teacher had no idea it was online and probably forgot she had even taken it. She took the photo many years ago and came back to haunt her resulting in her being dismissed as a teacher.

Not only can what you post come back and get you fired!! What’s even scarier is the fact that if you think about it when you post pictures of your child, for example, their first day of school. You may be wondering why is it scary to post my childs first day of school? What’s the harm? Well… You are allowing people to see what your child looks like on that exact day even to strangers. When you post where their first day of school will be then you are allowing everyone to see exactly where your child is!! Which can result in a kidnapping!! I know I know sounds crazy but nowadays you can’t be too careful…

If you really want to share with friends and family about your success or your children’s successes I would suggest you put your privacy settings on high!! Make sure ONLY the people you want to see, see it.


Feedly Feed Me More Knowledge!!

Feedly where have you been my whole life?! Family and friends are you thirsty for knowledge, and want to read articles that fit your interests? Tired of having to scroll through your social media to find topics that interest you? Well look no further, Feedly is here!!

Before I met Feedly, I would have to scroll through my whole news feed on different social media accounts that I am apart of. Sometimes it would take me ten mins to find the juicy stuff, sometimes it would take me an hour it sucks I know. However, for my #EDTC300 class we were given options Feedly/Digg/Inoreader well obviously I chose Feedly. I have never been so in love!! Feedly allows me to easily chose resources that may fit my interests for new information. Feedly aggregates content into one place making it easy for me to read headlines and stories of my choosing. The app is easy to set up and only takes a few minutes. I am trying out the FREE version and seriously wanting to upgrade because of how impressed I am with the app!!

Two feeds I currently have are #Education and #Edtech I chose these two as my feeds because I do not have an app which is specifically for my teaching career. I use the #Education feed to find sources that help me find new ways to create my classroom in the future. I use it as a guide as to how my classroom should look, different teaching strategies, and different ways to make learning FUN! My #Edtech feed is filled with different ways to incorporate technology in the classroom and applying it to learning.

I could honestly say I love Feedly  I am so excited to learn your experiences with Feedly, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and concerns of the app!!

Educational Technology, Why Should We Care?

My name is Mackenzie Lautamus, I am a third year education student in the prek-5 program. Yorkton is where my family is I have a fiancé, a son, and another on the way (non-biological child). My experiences with educational technology have been positive. When I was younger and attended elementary school technology started to advance I believe. Throughout my school years I couldpi see technology being used more and more for educational purposes. My first year of University I was observing and helping a grade one class and the teacher used and app on her tablet (it was a private group, so only parents would see the posts) to record attendance, post pictures of what the class is doing, as well as she was able to give the students points for good behaviour and take away point for negative behaviour. I feel blogging is a great way to communicate with students’ parents on how there child is doing at school. Blogging allows society to understand what is going on in and out of the classroom.

Here is a link to my Twitter account follow me @m_lautamus